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Extracorporeal Life Support

Vital life support when you need it.

Extracorporeal life support (ECLS) is essential for any operation where the patient’s heart and/or lungs are not functioning properly. By fully replacing the function of both the patient’s heart and lungs, an ECLS machine is able to deliver oxygenated blood throughout the patient’s body while the surgical team focuses on repairing the issue.

We understand the vital role that ECLS plays in many operations and are proud to offer ECLS services to hospitals all over the country.

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What are ECLS services?

An ECLS machine is used to support blood circulation and provide oxygen to the patient’s body where the patient’s lungs or heart are not functioning properly.

ECLS is also vital in situations where a patient needs to be kept alive while they are waiting on a heart or lung transplant. In the past, ECLS was used more commonly in procedures where the patient is an infant or a young child. However, ECLS has recently gained more use among adult patients as well. Today, ECLS is used in an increasingly wide range of procedures to support patient safety and ensure better patient outcomes.

At CCS, we offer ECLS services to hospitals across the country for both scheduled and emergency operations. Our team of medical professionals work to set up and monitor the ECLS machine, keeping the patient alive and freeing up the surgical team to focus on repairing whatever issue that is preventing the patient’s heart and/or lungs from functioning properly.


Benefits of a Partnership

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Why choose CCS ECLS?

At CCS, our dedication to clinical excellence and superior patient care guides every service that we offer, including our ECLS services.

By working to ensure that our team of medical professionals is fully trained at ECLS services and experienced at setting up and using an ECLS machine during operations, we are able to provide reliable, clinically sound ECLS services for a wide range of procedures.

Our focus on efficiency, as well as our established supply chain, also enables us to offer ECLS services for a much more affordable rate than our competitors, allowing the hospitals that we work with to lower the expense of their procedures.

If your hospital is in need of ECLS services for either a scheduled or emergency operation, we invite you to explore the benefits of partnership and superior ECLS services offered at CCS.


Benefits of Partnership

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