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Intra Operative Neuro Monitoring

For procedures that place a patient's central nervous system at risk, IONM is essential.

IONM is used to continuously monitor a patient’s central nervous system (brain, nerves, and spinal cord) throughout the duration of a procedure.

In the event of changes in the functioning of the patient’s central nervous system or potential problems, the trained clinician monitoring the IONM tests is able to quickly alert the surgeon in order to help them minimize the damage and risk of neruological complications.

At CCS, we are proud to offer IONM services to hospitals across the country, helping surgeons ensure the safety of patients who are undergoing an operation that places their central nervous system at risk.


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What is IONM?

IONM is the process of continuously monitoring a patient’s central nervous system during a procedure, and, depending on the exact procedure, a wide range of different equipment and tests might be used.

The purpose of IONM is to help minimize the potential for injuries to the patient’s central nervous system by alerting the surgeon the moment a problem arises. If the clinician monitoring information from the tests notices anything concerning, they are able to immediately alert the surgeon and other medical staff who can then quickly respond in order to minimize any damage that might have occurred.

At CCS, we are able to provide IONM services to hospitals across the country for both scheduled and emergency operations, helping them keep their patients safe during complicated operations that put the patient’s central nervous system at risk.


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Why choose CCS IONM?

We make use of the latest IONM tests and technology in order to deliver real-time, accurate information on the function of the patient’s central nervous system.

Through extensive training and hands-on experience, our staff of clinicians has become experts at setting up IONM tests, monitoring them throughout a procedure, and providing continuous feedback to the surgeon and their medical team.This high level of training and experience gives our clinicians the skills and confidence they need to provide reliable IONM services for a wide range of procedures.

Reducing neurological complications through effective IONM services is a mission that we take very seriously at CCS, and we are dedicated to achieving clinical excellence with every service we offer and every procedure that we assist with.

If you would like to learn more about the IONM services that we offer, we invite you to contact us today.

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