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The top 5 reasons leaders choose CCS.

For medical centers and surgeons who are searching for a high-quality perfusion and autotransfusion service provider as well as for perfusionists and other medical professionals who are searching for a rewarding company to work with, there are a number of reasons to choose CCS.



A highly-trained and experienced staff.

We’re only as good as the medical professionals that we employ. That’s why our medical staff is comprised of highly skilled board certified or board eligible perfusionists who are dedicated to excellence and superior patient care.

Through our process of continuous improvement, we work to ensure that every healthcare professional working on our staff is professionally trained, credentialed and experienced. This enables us to completely rely on our employees to deliver reliable, high-quality results each and every time.

We are always on the lookout for top-tier talent in the medical field and invite any skilled perfusionists or other medical professionals to consider a rewarding career working with us at CCS.

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Cutting-edge research and innovation.

We take data very seriously.

Using the data that we collect throughout the process of completing our various services, we are able to draw new insights that lead to groundbreaking innovations in the perfusion and autotransfusion field.

We then use these insights and innovations to help our clients cut costs, achieve better patient outcomes, develop safer surgery practices, and more.

If you are looking for a partner that is dedicated to helping your medical center achieve its mission through cutting-edge research and innovation, CCS is here to help.



Trustworthy compliance.

We at CCS hold ourselves and all of our employees to the highest possible ethical and professional standards.

We know how important it is for surgeons and medical centers to work with partners who are fully compliant with all federal and state laws, and our dedicated team of legal professionals help us ensure that both CCS and its partners are fully protected and compliant at all times.


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Dedication to superior patient care and outcomes.

Superior patient care is the underlying motivation for everything that we do at CCS.

All of our efforts to train our staff, collect insights through data, develop new technologies and procedures, and more are centered around helping patients across North America achieve better healthcare outcomes and live long, healthy lives.

If you would like to work with or for a perfusion and autotransfusion provider that places compassionate, high-quality patient care above all else, there’s every reason to choose CCS.



Continuous improvement.

At CCS, we aren’t satisfied with “good enough”.

No matter what level of excellence that we reach, we believe that there is always room for more improvement.

This is a mindset that we apply to train our medical professionals, a mindset that we apply to research and innovation, a mindset that we apply to help our partners improve the safety, quality, and cost-effectiveness of their procedures, and a mindset that we apply to every other aspect of our business and our mission.

Continuous improvement is a philosophy that we take very seriously at CCS and one that helps us deliver industry-leading services as well as a highly rewarding work environment.


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