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Supply Chain Solutions

At CCS, superior patient care and outcomes are the core of everything we do

We always work to provide reliable, high-quality services on time to help medical centers achieve their goals and best patient outcomes. That’s why one of our services is to consult our partners in their supply chain process.

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What are CCS Supply Chain Solutions?

The supply chain can be a complicated process throughout all industries.

When it comes to healthcare, the supply chain management process can become more complicated since it involves obtaining resources and managing supplies for hospitals to treat their patients every day. It can be a complicated task for all the staff involved especially when the team wants to reduce costs and boost revenue, all while prompting optimal OR efficiency. CCS provides an expert team of trained individuals that specialize in supply chain management to help streamline processes and alleviate the complexities faced by today’s hospitals and healthcare systems.

Our supply chain capabilities include:

Capital Equipment

  • Lease, Usage & Purchase options from ALL Major Manufacturers
  • Complete Program “Turn Key” options


  • Management of on-site consigned consumable inventory
  • Large Volume Purchasing from all Major Manufacturers.
  • Evidence-Based Clinical Selection Criteria.
    • Standardization when Appropriate.
    • Utilization based on peer reviewed literature & clinical data analysis.
    • Clinical Trial before adoption.
    • Invited Participants serving on many Clinical Advisory Boards.


Benefits of Partnership

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an experienced team of highly-trained professionals

Why CCS Supply Chain Solutions?

We work closely with hospitals to analyze their supply chain process and find areas that can be improved to reduce costs dramatically.

Improving the supply chain is one of the most effective ways for hospitals to cut costs and ensure that they are receiving only the highest quality supplies and products. Our first-hand experience as a perfusionist-owned company enables us to understand the supply chain needs of hospitals and medical centers fully.

We understand that our partners, like any business, are always looking for ways to reduce costs and improve profits through optimal OR efficiency, while also delivering the best care to their patients — this is why we are continually working to create efficient and cost-effective solutions for our partners. Through our multiple hardware and supply organization alliances, we obtain perfusion and medical supplies at the best pricing possible.

By leveraging an optimized supply chain process as well as a focus on efficiency and cost-savings, we can enable our partners to lower their costs and improve the efficiency of their OR.

If you are searching for a partner that alleviates your supply chain needs and help you achieve your business goals, contact us today and we look forward to working with you.

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