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Perfusion is our specialty.

As a company that continues to be owned and operated by practicing perfusionists, we know first-hand how important these services are for any procedure that requires the surgeon to operate on a still heart.

At CCS, perfusion services are our specialty, and we are dedicated to helping hospitals across the country to improve patient care and outcomes through superior perfusion services.




What are Perfusion Services?

Many operations require the patient’s heart to be still throughout the procedure. To keep oxygenated blood flowing throughout the patient’s body while their heart is not beating, skilled perfusionists make use of a heart-lung machine that takes over the role of the patient’s heart and lungs for the duration of the procedure.

By taking care of a patient’s metabolic and physiological needs throughout an operation, perfusionists free up surgeons to focus on the life-saving surgery and completing a successful operation.

Over the course of an operation where the surgeon is operating on a heart, perfusionists carefully monitor the heart-lung machine to make sure that it continues functioning correctly throughout the procedure. The perfusionist is then responsible for communicating information about the patient’s condition to the rest of the surgical team.

If there is a change in the patient’s condition that compromises their safety during an operation, it is the responsibility of the perfusionist to perform the actions that are necessary to stabilize the patient so the procedure can continue. Perfusionists play a vital role in ensuring that the operation is safe and effective. 

At CCS, we are able to help hospitals meet the demand for skilled perfusionists by making our expert team of highly-trained, certified perfusionists available for both scheduled and emergency operations.


Benefits of Partnership

Looking to get a top-notch education at a leading Perfusion School?


an experienced team of highly-trained perfusionists

Why choose CCS Perfusion?

If you are in need of perfusion services for a scheduled or emergency operation, there are plenty of reasons to trust the expert team of certified perfusionists at CCS.

Our dedication to superior patient care and outcomes guides everything that we do. We understand the vital role that perfusionists play in the OR, and we work hard to ensure that the perfusionists we employ are trained, experienced, and ready for any circumstances that may arise.

We also understand the importance of cost-savings for hospitals and their administrators. In order to help hospitals meet their financial goals, we have worked to lower the costs of our perfusion services as much as possible. Through a focus on efficiency and a well-designed supply chain, we are able to offer the highest quality perfusion services at an affordable rate.

If you are looking for a partner that will be able to provide you on-demand access to an experienced team of highly-trained perfusionists, we invite you to explore the benefits of partnership and look forward to working with you.

Dreaming of a rewarding career working with other dynamic professionals? Join the CCS perfusion team.